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Rosie Elliott (they/she) is the founder of REmove Collective. Rosie founded REmove because they want to help ensure dancers have agency over their bodies, identities, and voices. They aim to create not only a safe but also a healing space for dancers who have felt unsafe or not affirmed for far too long.

As a young choreographer, Rosie has already had a prolific career with their works being recognized by the Harkness Dance Center, New World School of the Arts, The Knight Foundation, and Filmgate Miami. Rosie believes that dance is inherently political and should be used as a vehicle for social change. Her practice involves both a physical and intellectual investigation. As a queer choreographer, Rosie feels a responsibility to work towards increasing LGBTQ and TGNC visibility in the dance world.

You can find Rosie's choreographic work at:

MY story 

I grew up in the competitive dance world, being numerically scored on stage since the age of seven. That’s also the age that I first remember being told to be careful with my body, insinuating that it was my worth. After years of struggling with eating disorders, I am finally now able to locate the cause of my pain. I wasn’t only upset in my body because my teachers were trying to control it, but also because it didn’t fit how I felt on the inside. I spent my whole childhood “playing straight” in romantic duets performed in revealing two-piece costumes. I was lifted, grabbed, and flung around the stage, being shown off by a strong male behind me. These years were marked by an unbearable dissonance between my love for dance and my gnawing feeling that something wasn’t right. Going through the intense repression of gender or sexual fluidity in the dance world myself, I want to be able to avoid any more perpetuation of that pain onto the next generation of dancers.

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