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As we all unpack our gender stories, and learn to listen to experiences other than our own, we must approach change with an attitude of patience, acceptance, and vulnerability. Our Collective challenges the status quo, holding each of us accountable and fighting for solutions that will transform society. 

The reinforced gender binary and cis-normativity is omnipresent in society but has been especially slow to dissolve in the dance world. ‘Boys’ and ‘girls’ are separated from day one into rigid categories: from the imposed gendered uniforms to the way we are trained to either bow or curtsey at the end of class. Ballet has been and continues to be marked by strict, unwavering gender lines that greatly complicate the process of self-expression and consequently damage the mental and physical health of dancers. The power dynamics inherent in dance make it almost impossible for dancers to voice their discomfort or challenge the authority figure who is likely employing or casting them. We want to start this conversation so that the stage can be a space that reflects the diversity of our population. 


Equity, Community, Innovation, and Collaboration 

REmove not only aims to create a safer space for LGBTQIA dancers/choreographers but also wants to create space for reparative experiences through the uplifting of Queer artists. We are also here to educate our allies: this is a safe space for teachers and choreographers interested in creating a more inclusive environment to ask questions and learn. 

Goals include:

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Financial resources for Artists 

  • Educational Seminars

  • Community Events

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